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Open Selection

Wilckens STEAM Academy at Hillcrest can accommodate 510 (K-6) students from across the Belton School District. 

  • Parents or guardians who wish to have their child(ren) attend Wilckens STEAM Academy at Hillcrest will need to complete the online family registration enrollment request form. Students will be selected from this enrollment pool.
    All children whose parents wish for them to attend Wilckens STEAM Academy at Hillcrest must apply for the open selection. If you don't complete the application, your child cannot be eligible, which includes students of siblings at STEAM. All students must go through the open selection process.
  • Students in the selection will be chosen randomly according to their current attendance area. All attendance areas will be represented proportionately: Cambridge, Gladden and Kentucky Trail.
  • There are three classes per grade level with class sizes listed below:
    • 6th Grade - 25 students per class 
    • 5th Grade - 25 students per class
    • 4th Grade - 25 students per class
    • 3rd Grade - 25 students per class
    • 2nd Grade - 24 students per class
    • 1st Grade - 23 students per class
    • Kindergarten - 22 students per class
  • As families are chosen, each student in a family will be placed in available spots by their respective grades. Students will be placed either in a grade (if there is space) or on a waiting list by grade in the order they were selected.

​​​​We do not draw positions publicly. We will notify parents through an email and/or a phone call if their child was selected through the open selection, and parents will have a certain number of days to reply and accept the placement.


Read more information about the open selection process. 


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